martedì 16 giugno 2015

review on CVLT Nation

?Alos "Matrice" review on CVLT Nation by Mattia Alagna :

"?Alos is a solo noise/drone/industrial project by Stefania Pedretti of notorious Italian sludge/noise behemoths OVO, a band that needs no fucking introdcution whatsoever – just look them up, they rule and have toured the world and released amazing albums for twenty years now. In ?Alos, Stefania approaches sludge and noise from a different perspective, approaching it from the trajectory of industrial music. The drum machines are crushing and the soundscapes are absolutely mesmerizing and haunting. If you like shit like Black Boned Angel, Nadja, Jesu, and Halo and other more electronic-based stuff like Necro Deathmort, Skinny Puppy, Scorn and Final, then you will love ?Alos’s brutal and cybernetic take on industrial doom and sludge.!

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