sabato 26 febbraio 2011


next week start my tour period's.I'll stay out from Berlin for long.
This are the tour plan, untill now, with ?Alos and Ovo.
Come to see the show in your city!!!
I'll go, alos, to record my next new album with Mattia Coletti...I'm curios about

03/03/2011 Graz, Austria @ Postgarage
04/03/2011 Udine, Italy @ Cas'Aupa (w/ Romani- Della Marina Duo)
05/03/2011 Vittorio Veneto, Italy @ Codalunga (w/DJ Bastardo)
17/03/2011 Ravenna, Italy @ Transmissions IV Festival c/o Almagà (w/Zu, Mombu, Sybiann)
24/03/2011 Milano, Italy@ Toilet club (w/Sunburned hand of the men)
02/04/2011 Milano, Italy@ Villa Vegan (Benefit per il Queer fastival di Giugno buffet + proiezione video "Travel Queeries" + presentazione festival + concerto Restless yellow flowers, Amphetamina C + dj set Boris 
10/04/2011 Bologna, Italy @ Leviatani E Zanzare Festival c/o Scalo San Donato
13/04/2011 Prato, Italy @ Capanno Blackout (w/Lili Refrain)
14/04/2011 Torino, Italy @ BlahBlahBlah (w/Arrington De Dyonyso)
06/05/2011 Segrate, Italy @ Baraonda
02-03-04/06/2011 Milano, Italy @ Queer Fest c/o Villa Vegan
16/6/2011 Macerata, Italy @ Terminal

09/04/2011 Bologna, Italy @ Leviatani e Zanzare Festival c/o Scalo S. Donato
(w/Inferno, Misantropus, Colossal Monument, Ghost Empire)
15/04/2011 Udine, Italy @ Cas'Aupa
16/04/2011 Maribor, Slovenia @ Pekarna (w/Nadja, Galena)
17/04/2011 Graz, Austria @ Postgarage
18/04/2011 Budapest, Hungary @ Durer Kert (w/Nadja, Galena)
19/04/2011 Praha, Czech @ Chapeau Rouge (w/Nadja, Galena)
20/04/2011 Bielefeld, Germany @ AJZ
21/04/2011 Aarhus, Denmark @ B-Huset
22/04/2011 Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd (w/Vialka)
23/04/2011 Berlin, Germany @ NK (w/Jealousy Party, Ratbag)
26/04/2011 Bruxelles, Belgium @ Magasin4 (w/Extra Life, Joy as a Toy)
27/04/2011 Basel, Switzerland @ Hirscheneck
28/04/2011 Milano, Italy @ Magnolia [Supernatural Cat Night]
03/05/2011 Massa, Italy @ Tago Mago
04/05/2011 Torino, Italy @ Spazio 211 (w/Zeus!, Nerocapra)

12/05/2011 Limerick, Ireland @ Like Studio
14/05/2011 Dublin, Ireland @ Twisted Pepper

16/05/2011 Glasgow, UK @ The 13th Note
18/05/2011 London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
20/05/2011 Timisoara, Romania @ Underground Festival
28/05/2011 San Martino Spino, Italy @ Musica Nelle Valli
07/06/2011 Roma, Italy @ Circolo Degli Artisti
09/06/2011 Lecce, Italy @ TBA
10/06/2011 Acquaviva Delle Fonti, Italy @ Oasi San Martino
11/06/2011 San Giorgio Jonico, Italy @ Cooperativa Owen
17/06/2011 Recanati, Italy @ Artika Festival
08/07/2011 Brescia, Italy @ Low Rock Fest (w/Morkobot)

martedì 15 febbraio 2011

27/2  ?Also special performance for the queer night in the  21 Anniversary Festival Of The Köpi

The Goddes Mother

Earth investigates the theme of the ancient relation that binds the earth to the woman, the magic that reigns between them, the sixth sense, their secret language, the history, the Inquisition.
Using voice and hair, two of the ancient media used for pagan ritual bound to nature and femininity, Alos creates an oneiric doom dimension made of gestures, sounds and breathings that recalls the ancient sabbath rituals in a post-modern vein.

To bring back the nature inside neutral and devoid buildings. Give back the voice to the landscape.
The woman: magic transformer of every natural elements, “Primordial seer, Lady of the deep waters that give wisdom […] she understood the rustling of the trees and every signs of the nature […] she expresses her magic through rhythmical wording […] she was the centre of magic, of magical singing and poetry. Source of knowledge […] creator of the language that flows from the depth.” (Erich Neumann “The Great Mother, an Analysis of the Archetype”)”