giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Muse of the coming Apocalypse (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal)

?Alos investigates the theme of the ancient relation that binds the earth to the woman, the magic that reigns between them, the sixth sense, their secret language, the history, the Inquisition.
Using voice and hair, two of the ancient media used for pagan ritual bound to nature and femininity, Alos creates an oneiric doom dimension made of gestures, sounds and breathings that recalls the ancient sabbath rituals in a post-modern vein.

“To bring back the nature inside neutral and devoid buildings. Give back the voice to the landscape.
The woman: magic transformer of every natural elements, “Primordial seer, Lady of the deep waters that give wisdom […] she understood the rustling of the trees and every signs of the nature […] she expresses her magic through rhythmical wording […] she was the centre of magic, of magical singing and poetry. Source of knowledge […] creator of the language that flows from the depth.” (Erich Neumann “The Great Mother, an Analysis of the Archetype”)”

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


It's Out the split 7" ?Alos- Xabier Iriondo!!
You can start reading some reviews on Blow Up (7/8) , Rockerilla (8), Rock it and listening on or on my soundcloud
And in the end you can buy it on