martedì 30 giugno 2015


Azdora by Markus Ohrn In collaboration with Jakob Öhrman and ?Alos

Santarcangelo Festival 10/19 Luglio


In the Romagna dialect, the word azdora refers to the mistress of a house, the mother of a family, the woman in charge, the only person who bears the responsibility of the household. It is a term connected to care and the female world; the azdora is not allowed any destructive attitude and bestowed with high power and authority in the family’s geometries, yet she can’t afford absences or counterproductive feelings as their cost would be the failure of the oikonomia.

Markus Öhrn, starting from this figure and as a tribute to his own grandmother Eva Britt from northern Sweden, engages in a deeper exploration of the azdora’s real character in their context. During a long residency in Santarcangelo, Öhrn gathered some azdore and built with and for them, performative situations, where their most obscure and destructive character could finally emerge. The azadore inhabit the Spazio Saigi dedicated to them, inviting the audience to partake and discover what it doesn’t know yet. The result resembles a black metal/nosie ritual put together by the azdore from Romagna and Markus Öhrn, in collaboration with ?Alos, musician and an experimental performer, member of the band OvO.

Markus Öhrn is a Swedish visual artist, who studied at the Konstfack (Stockholm). He works with different formats, from dramaturgy to video installation and music performances. He presented his work in different contexts, festivals and international theatres, among others, the Avignon Festival and Transamériques (Montréal). In 2015 his work is presented for the first time in Italy.

Concept Markus Öhrn

In collaboration with Jakob Öhrman and ?Alos

with Ivana Assirelli; Maria Bernardi; Martina Bianchi; Pia Boccali; Barbara Bugli; Susanna Calandrini; Paola Carlini; Adele Casadio; Daniela Ceccarelli De Nicola; Fabiola Crudeli; Maria Di Domenico; Marta Gamberini; Maria Teresa Gnoli; Viviana Gnoli; Valeria Gordini; Verdiana Gordini; Miria Malucelli; Teresa Margheritini; Susan Theresa Mckelvie; Doriana Nardi; Giuliana Pagliarani; Manuela Pedrini; Delia Pilotto; Maria Teresa Polverelli; Monica Polverelli; Clara Previato; Fiorella Ricci; Felicia Roca; Iliana Rossi; Alida Santini; Maria Luisa Soldati; Vilma Zaghini

special project Santarcangelo 2015
artist in residence Santarcangelo 2015
production Santarcangelo Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza
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