lunedì 24 maggio 2021

Summer Rituals


27.05 Bologna Tank - Serbatoio Culturale 
30.05 Milano Cascina Torchiera D.P.C.M. Diritti Persone Cultura Musica
26.06 Parma Rassegna Natura dei Teatri, Lenz
28.06 Roma Bar India  Teatro India - Teatro di Roma  
03.07 RAAME  Prati Dispari festival 
17.07 AltreterRE  Art Festival (special Ritual in collaboration of Coward Records)
more are coming...

martedì 16 marzo 2021


⩝ - ?ALOS Ritual “The Chaos Awakening Light Session”
Special Ritual in collaboration with Coward Records
July at AltreterRE  Rassegna di arte contemporanea

L’arte vuole ritornare, sei pronto ad aiutarla? sostieni AltreterRE seguendo il link:

Video production: @ViridiLightProductions

martedì 17 novembre 2020

News on Bandcamp

My bloody drawings are now available on Bandcamp
They are Exclusive, Handmade, Original, Single Copy Drawings on paper.
"He loved you" will be the first of a special drawing series to help raise awareness on "Stop Violence against women and transgender people."
Every drawing includes a free download of one of my albums.

venerdì 16 ottobre 2020

Ritual II "Embrace the Darkness


Ritual II Embrace the Darkness 

The light, the dark, the beauty, the pain are all connected and part of the same path. 

Together we will breathe deeply and we will follow the sound 

The live performance is a Ritual, an experience that will take the audience to another time and place, a sonic and emotional journey. 

What will happen will be a discovery.

25th October Bologna, Circolo DEV

venerdì 24 luglio 2020

Ritual availeble

What do you think to start to organize concerts, Rituals, events in a remote place?
I'm really in that mood 
Write me if you are into that too!
Let's talking about it

lunedì 16 settembre 2019

Alos Autumn and Winter news


01.11 Reggio Emilia, Ghirba

03.11 Vignola, Circolo Ribalta W/R.Y.F. Alos ritual The Chaos awakening Light version

14.12 Savona (I) Raindogs
27.12 Bruxelles (B) Magasin4

01.05. 2020 Kufstein, The Art of Solo

?Alos Xabier Iriondo Tour

19.09 Milano, Germi

21.09 Parma, Postwar Cinema Club

04.10 Firenze, Circolo ARCI - Il Progresso

27.11 Roma, Fanfulla

28.11 Chiuppano, Osteria al castello

29.11 Prato, Spazio Materia

30.11 Francavilla, il Circo della Farfalla

07.12 Ravenna, Bronson

New Videoclip "GELOSIA" directed by Barnaba Ponchielli