sabato 14 gennaio 2012


today yuko Kaseki'll do the butoh workshop, and in the end I decide to join it.
Yesterday, we started to work on the performance, we impro together for know each other.
From monday we'll really start to build the choreography of "Terra".
One Yuko video:

Butoh - Improvisation Workshop with Yuko Kaseki
Saturday 14 e Sunday 15 January 2012 c/o Cisim - viale Parini 48 Lido Adriano (RA)
The workshops emphasis is to develop an original movement of each person through physical training, details of body awareness, and improvisation with image, gesture, space, and relationship. Every Participants find out own theme of body concentration, condition and conception.

Body will be into - reality and realized.

Physical training is based on Noguchi gymnastics, Butoh methodology, and elements of Tai-Chi. We practice for the whole body to be permeable and awake to deeper layers of sensitivity. We work from the center of our body (Tanden), to cultivate our energy source.

We try to listen honestly to the variants of inner body and develop this in relation to the outer.

The workshop offers the possibility to seek and experience in solo, duet and group improvisations.

Through intensity and reduction everyone can dive deeply into movement and translate it into individual manifestations. It is important for each person to find a unique body, reality, and exposure.

Yuko Kaseki is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is the founder of the Berlin based company cokaseki with Marc Ates in 1995. The works are based on a constantly changing/developing form of Butoh dance. cokasekis productions are presented through out Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Prize and nominations by various dance competitions.
Collaboration with inkBoat (SF), CAVE (NY), Tableau Stations (SF), Theater Thikwa and others. Since 2004, Kaseki has organized and performed with international performers and musicians, the ongoing improvisation series AMMO-NITE GIG.

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